Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Story 114: Night of Silence

            “Traffic was the usual nightmare – why is there only one road and only one bridge leading to the same place where everybody’s goin’?”
            “Whose room is everybody’s coats going in?  Last year I couldn’t find my scarf when we were leaving.”
            “Did you say ‘Thank you for the sweater’ to Grandma?  Go say ‘Thank you’ now!”
            “I know we’re the grandkids, but we’re all in our 30s and 40s – why do we still have to sit at the kiddie table?”
            “I need a drink.  Somebody turn on the game before my head explodes.”
            “Everybody sit down and eat!  Why is no one sitting?!”
            “Mommy, he’s looking at me!”
            “Stop looking at your sister or else Santa’ll take back all your presents!”
            “So, Santa didn’t get me a cruise to the Caribbean, again.”
            “Who’s missing?  Is she still sick?  I’ll make up a container for her.”
            “What broke over there?!”
            “I didn’t think I had this many dishes.”
            “Is the coffee ready yet?  I’ll bring out the fennel and fruit.”
            “She took my toy!”
            “That’s it!  Everything’s going back in the car!”
            “Keep this up and it’ll all go back to the North Pole!”
            “Coffee’s still not ready, but have some of the pastries.”
            “You guys finally made it!  How’s the traffic on the bridge now?”
            “We could’ve walked here faster.  One guy on the road certainly did.”
            “How did we run out of chairs?  I counted them this morning.”
            “We’re gonna be going – I’ve gotta work tomorrow.”
            “On a Saturday?”
            “Oh right.  Still, gotta go.”
            “Daddy, I can’t find my new doll!”
            “She’s out getting the car – I’ll go help her.”
            “Coffee’s ready!”
            “There’s only five of us left – ”
            “Drink it!”
            “Thanks for the great dinner, as always!  Good night!”
            “Safe home!  Merry Christmas!”
            “And Happy New Year!”
            “I am not cleaning all this up tonight.”
            The star shone on over the peace and quiet at last.


  1. OMG our celebration to a "T". I can hear everyone in my head; but a good time is had by all. "Merry Christmas". You can't make this up.

  2. Thanks! Most were made up but in the spirit of the source material, and two of these actually happened after I wrote it :-).