Thursday, December 3, 2015

Story 111: Away Message

            “Hello, this is Jill --- of --- ----.  I will be out of the office on Monday, December 7, due to the holiday; for immediate assistance, please call – ”
            “Jill, could you send me the – oh, you’re on the phone?”
            “OK, when you’re done, could you send me the spreadsheet from last month?  I lost it again.”
            “Thanks!  You’re the best!”
            “Hi, this is Jill --- of --- -----.  I will be – ”
            “I’m on the other line – could you get that?”
            “Sure…. Hello, this is Jill, how may I help you?...  No, you dialed the wrong number, let me transfer you…. Yes, happens all the time.  Hold on, please…. It was the wrong number!”
            “Heh, figures.”
            “Hi, this is Jill --- of --- -----.  I will be out of the office on Monday, December… 6?  Shoot, it’s the 7th….  Hello, this is – ”
            “Did you send me the spreadsheet yet?”
            “I don’t see it!”
            “Did it go to Spam?”
            “No, nothing’s there.  Could you send it again?”
            “It’s gotta be there; I sent it five minutes ago!”
            “Well I don’t see – oh there it is, never mind.”
            “<Grinding teeth> Hi, this is Jill.  I’ll be out – ”
            “I’m leaving, good night!”
            “Good night!”
            “Oh yeah, you’re gonna be out on Monday – have a Happy Hanukkah!”
            “Thank you!”
            “You should’ve taken the whole week off.  Why only the one day?”
            “I have some family over, but I really don’t have to miss the whole week of work.”
            “I would’ve, heh heh heh.  Well, have fun with the relatives, and see you on Tuesday!”
            “Thanks!.... Hi, this is Jill, I’ll be out of the office until December 8, please call extension 123 for immediate assistance, thank you, bye!...  Finally done, but who says ‘bye’ at the end of an away message?”
            “I was thinking: you mind taking off Tuesday instead?  I forgot I need to be off-site on Monday and someone has to be here.”
            “Tuesday’s fine.”
           “Great!  Now you don’t have to worry about recording your away message until after the weekend!”
            “Yes.  Great.”

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