Thursday, July 17, 2014

Story 41: The Screaming of the Lepidopteron

Day 5: Light blasts into my small world for the first time in my life, having recently hatched into this prison I share with four others.  We have spent the first days of our lives being jostled hither and thither until we at last arrive at what appears to be our final destination.  Giant split wings grab our shelter and giant eyes peer at us, exposed.  Giant mouths split open, showing monstrous teeth in what I can only assume is a preview of our fate.  However, our shelter is set down on a solid surface and I notice fresh air trickling in for the first time since I can remember.  We are left alone, and the horrors in store for us have been postponed (for now).
Day 10: We continue to feast upon our floor, which is the only thing that keeps us from turning on each other.  I have a strange yearning for something leafy and green, but must accept something flat and brown instead.  We have little choice but to wallow in our own filth, as our accommodations are decidedly limited.  I have, however, become especially adept at spinning the silk that my body insists on issuing as I grow bigger and bigger.  My compatriots join me in this one joy in our lives, and we attempt to create a ladder to escape our prison.  We do this with no actual hope of success, as the roof of our cell requires more strength and dexterity to lift than all five of us together possess.  Passes the time, though.
Day 12: It was getting hairy for awhile there as each of us swelled to monstrous proportions, yet our cell remained the same size – what would our captors do if we grew to the point where we burst out of our prison?  I dare not dwell upon what might have been.  Something else happened which made that question moot: one by one, my fellows felt compelled to climb to the roof of our cell, not to escape, but to hang upside down and remain in that position forever.  I would have thought that they had finally succumbed to the madness, if I myself had not felt that same urge.  Let me climb to the edge of the top, just to get a better look at what they are doing up there….
Days 13-21: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..
Day 22: Another prison, worse than the last one!  I feel confined, bound by some hideous shell – I must break free!  I wiggle and push, and I feel my bonds give way.  I burst through, gasping sweet air as my wings unfold – hang on: my wings?  From what I can see of myself, I am no longer a tube-like creature with pointy feet and a pointy face but a winged beauty, complete with a proboscis to drink my fill, which now flops forward – whee!  I see my fellow captives have undergone a similar metamorphosis and we all stare at each other as we gather our bearings and let the excess color drain from our glorious appendages.  It is then that I notice that our cell has metamorphosed as well: it is now a larger room, with semi-solid walls and a forest floor.  I first think that the floor is food as with our last cell, especially now that those leafy and flowery things I keep dreaming about seem to be scattered all about the place.  Alas, when I attempt to drink from them with my long mouth, nothing comes.  Surely our captors would not have kept us alive this long simply to starve us to death?
We are taken aback as the giants appear before us, baring their teeth at us again and uttering strange sounds.  The smallest one presses one part of its wing against the semi-solid wall: I go towards it in hopes that food is at last being offered.  That seems to please the little giant and they all make those sounds again.  One of the larger giants opens the top of our new prison, but before any of us can react some wet flowery things are dropped in to join us and the top is sealed again.  Best not approach the new arrivals just yet, but they do smell sweet and edible.
Day 23: Our new prison is much roomier than the last, but it is still confining, especially with five us in here.  If only we knew what our captors’ plans for us were, then this ordeal would be a bit more bearable.  At some points while the other giants are away, a large furry being comes by and raises its closed wing towards us.  We beat our own wings mightily to shoo this creature, but for some reason it appears only to be encouraged by this and waves its closed wing some more at us.  It also emits a strange noise, different from the ones the giants made.  The noise is still untranslatable, but its meaning is clear: "I will kill you".  Not if we kill you first, foul beast!
Day 24: I have long ago accepted my lot in life and have grown to love my compatriots, when our world is overturned yet again.  The giants take our new cell and bring it to a previously unknown area – the smells!  The light!  The air!  This is what we have been destined for our entire lives!  The top is opened once more, and nothing is dropped in.  My companions and I hesitate for an eternity before the bravest of us (who is carrying my seed for our young) ventures forth beyond the walls of our world.  Her flight is magnificent in its erratic path, and we follow one after the other.  The giants seem strangely pleased at our escape, since they make that noise again.  All their teeth are bared, but no one attempts to destroy us.  What odd creatures they are.
I quickly lose sight of my comrades, but no matter: I have approximately ¼ left of my life to go, and I intend to enjoy every moment of my well-earned freedom.  I alight on a lovely flowery thing and drink deeply of its sustenance.  Suddenly, a noise at my side reveals a large, winged, beaked creature who is looking at me as I had looked at this flower a moment ago.
Bring it on, demon.  I’ve faced it all.


  1. I felt as if I was right there in the moment. Good use of language to convey feelings.

  2. Thanks! This was my dedication to the one I set free - hopefully he/she is still out there, somewhere.