Thursday, April 6, 2017

Story 180: Automobile’s Lament

            I wait for you all day while you’re at work
            I wait for you all through the night
            Through sun, through snow, through rain, and no,
            Abandoning someone this long is not right.
            Would it be asking too much for you to change the oil?
            Would cleaning the undercarriage of salt burden your soul?
            Would windshield wiper fluid break the bank?
            Would a vacuum over the seat cushions take a toll?

            I never complain about my loneliness and sorrow
            While you stay snug inside your cozy home
While you go off to a party that ends with the sunrise
            I always must be ready to roam.

            You only notice me when my parts aren’t working
            Or when I am covered in ice
            Or when we are in a collision
            Seeing me for me would be nice.

            I will wait for you all the days you ride a bus
            I will wait for you when you vacation far away
            I will wait for you when you inevitably trade me in
            I will wait for you….