Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Story 59: Winter Wonderlanding

            I love the snow.
            It may just be the fond memories from childhood days of yore, but I’ve never gotten over it.  Even before Winter officially starts, I prefer to have at least one blizzard to get things rolling; however, I will settle for a few inches of snow in November, as long as it’s before Thanksgiving.
            People say to me: What about having to shovel the driveway all the time?
            I say to them: Why shovel?  If my driveway has enough frozen water on it that I’d have to shovel, then obviously the roads are bad and I should stay off of them.  I have an obligation – nay, a duty – to my fellow human beings to stay home and curl up in my blankets with a cup of hot cocoa and a book.
            People say: What if you absolutely must drive somewhere and the roads are all icy?
            I say: Wheee!!!
            People say: What if the power goes out and you have no heat?
            I say: See above regarding blankets.  And that’s what fuzzy kittens were made for.
            People say: Well, you can’t go building snow forts and pelting passers-by with snowballs and topping it off with rolling around until you’re covered in the stuff.
            I say: And why not?
            People say: Because you’re not a kid anymore.
            I say: I fail to see your point.
            Bottom line: I love the snow less for itself and more for all of the things that come with it – sledding, hot drinks, snow people, mittens, cancelled work, muffled outdoor noises, the beauty of it all.
            Although, it is awful cold when it gets stuck under your clothes.  That, I can do without.