Thursday, June 19, 2014

Story 37: The Interrogation

“Where were you?”
“Who with?”
“Where’d you go?”
“To the lake.”
“To go out on the boat.”
“Because… it’s fun.”
“Because it’s fun.”
“Oh.  Where’d you go?”
“Just out on the lake.”
“Out on the lake.”
“With who?”
“With who?  Who’d you go with?”
“I told you, my friends.”
“My friends.”
“Jack, Susie, and Rebecca.”
“Why – what?”
“Why were you with them?”
“I already said, we went out on the lake.”
“Because it’s fun!”
“Oh.  OK.  When did you go?”
“I just got back.”
“You just asked me where I was earlier.”
“Just finish your peas!”
“OK, Mommy.”


  1. Very funny and it reminds me of a certain someone. Names have been hidden to protect the innocent hahaha....

  2. Oh my THAT is totally JD!!! I can heard the annoyed tone in the What? and of course the "Because". Great one!

  3. Art imitates life - he can hold this over my head (or vice versa) when he's older :-). Thanks!