Thursday, April 9, 2015

Story 77: Driving Existentially

            “Sigh,” she said from behind the wheel as they crawled bumper-to-bumper on the parkway.
            “What is it?”  He asked this without looking up from his book.
            “I just realized that my whole life, every decision I’ve ever made, has literally led to this exact moment.”
            “And – is this all there is?  Me breathing in the fumes of the cars around me as I barely move, helpless and trapped by technology and humanity?  If the goal is really the road, or the destination is really the journey, then what if you’re stuck in a traffic jam?”
            “Put on some music and/or have a good conversation with your friends.”
            “Besides that.”
            “Why ‘besides that’?  Can’t that be enough?”
            “Well yes, but besides that I thought there’d be… more.”
            “More what?”
            “I don’t know, meaning!”
            “Meaning to what?  Life?  No one’s ever figured the whole thing out to everyone’s satisfaction, so why should you be the first?  Just enjoy the ride!”
            “I can’t when I feel as if I’m missing something important!”
            “Well, you certainly just missed our exit.”
            “I’m sure that has a deeper meaning to it somehow.”


  1. that's what you get for daydreaming. HAHA

  2. It was a very important philosophical debate! Reality should not intrude!